Friday, March 18, 2016

That Thing I Used To Do

So far  The Lipless Gods  sample has been downloaded 14 times.  I've sold 3 books at $.99 each.  No reviews. 
Apparently, if I understood the ebook forum quote correctly, for every 1 million ebooks out there, 40 are successful. 
When I converted the basic .doc file on Smashwords, TLG was 65th in the queue.  This was done around 7 AM on a Sunday morning. 
The horrible thing - and by no means is it horrible compared to the actual human-caused horrors of the world - is watching my ability to focus or to even want to read dissipate. 
I've strangely grown accustomed to not writing, but I still remained able to read.  Not so much anymore.  Apparently focusing on getting TLG out on Smashwords and Amazon and then considering killing the Smashwords account to go solely out on Kindle Select, among other ebook issues, has either completely closed off or momentarily corrupted this core activity.  Not a tragedy.  But definitely odd.  

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