Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chewy candy core

     The bucktoothed Beeper fastened onto Bug’s dashboard resembled some last-second compromise between career barfly and shaved squirrel.  Draped across the ceramic figurine’s practically skin-bursting bone work some slinky spaghetti-strapped dress in gross approximation to the number Marilyn Monroe made famous, the thigh displayer, whirling up over the air vent, only any sexiness on display here the kind appreciated by the genus of perv seeking release from improbable niche porn titles like The Girls of Auschwitz. The Beeper easily midpoint in the skin flaying process, some invisible sandpapery tongue wearing the dermis down in pursuit of a promised chewy candy core.  Sipe wondered how Hope liked it, her latest would-be savior zipping around all points Little Creek, one of her parents’ devised despicable dolls so prominently displayed.

The Lipless Gods.  Available at Smashwords and Amazon. Probably the best $.99 you'll ever spend.

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