Thursday, March 10, 2016

Paddle ball

The woman in Lisa Henson's office kept smacking a rubber ball at me.  She had a paddle.  What I don't quite recall is whether or not it was a paddle ball or if the twerp was just armed with an inexhaustible arsenal. 
Monaghan (third from left below) was taking something to Janet Yang, her former Ixtlan boss, and now Lisa Henson's partner.  My takeaway from the visit with Monaghan to the Sony lot was wanting to cram a toy up a personal assistant's butt.  I don't think the p.a.'s conduct could speak to Henson's character.  One does not follow the other.  For example, Monaghan was awesome like the coolest babysitter ever awesome and Yang seemed more or less an exercise in oligarchy (example: Yang "asked" Monaghan to loan her car to Yang's boyfriend; the boyfriend promptly wrecked the car; pre-Monaghan, another assistant was "urged" to get a better car; the current model was simply by matter of association belittling Yang.) 
I've been watching Kingdom Hospital, Stephen King's Americanized version of The Kingdom.  Not until the end of episode 3 did I catch that Henson and Yang were the show producers.  I shouldn't let it influence my opinion of the show, but it probably will.  Immaturity only expands as I age.
Out of the blue Kingdom Hospital characters unveil odd mannerisms, so far nothing endearing, mostly all on the indiscriminate rubber ball as lethal weapon spectrum. 

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