Thursday, March 31, 2016

Into The Meat Grinder

A portion of TLG's plot description decided to mangle between Smashwords and distributing to the likes of Apple and B & N. 

It looks like this:

Sipe’s reality: betrayed, wounded, looking down the barrel of a little blackmail courtesy of the teenager that just discovered him unconscious in the tiniest of tiny Oregon towns.
Tiffany’s deal: Sipe helps her locate a missing friend or the faked boob-grab pics make the rounds. The local less than honorable law enforcement...her slightly crazy uncle...

instead of having a SPACE or GAP between sentences.

Most of the 7 billions residents of planet earth seem unperturbed, still, I sent a heartfelt message to the Smashwords problem solvers since my feeble workarounds haven't done a lick. 


Lucid is formatted.  Ready to go into the waiting teeth of the Smashwords meat grinder. 

They say contests are a method to whip potential book readers into a frenzy.  So this is a contest (also, it's like calling out into a dark room, or, wondering at any other presence in the chill, wind-whipped abyss...).
The photo below is of a famous NYT bestselling author.  If you can name the author, comment below or email (email link existing in the profile link on your right (assuming your phone/pad/what-have-you displays that column)), and we can discuss terms.


The Lipless Gods.  Free.

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