Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easily The Best $.99 You'll Ever Spend

Here's a link to The Lipless Gods Smashwords page.

The blurb:

Sipe’s job: drive the heir to the crime throne from California back home to Seattle. 
The double cross: Sipe’s unaware Connie is willing to sacrifice anyone to get out of the family business for good. 
Sipe’s reality: betrayed, wounded, car less, phone less, friendless, looking down the barrel of a little blackmail courtesy the teenager that just discovered him unconscious in the tiniest of tiny Oregon towns.   
Tiffany’s deal: Sipe helps her locate a missing friend or the faked boob-grab pics make the rounds.  The local less than honorable law enforcement.  Her slightly crazy uncle.  Little Creek’s the kind of place the wrong kind of stranger can disappear – forever.
The Lipless Gods touches upon themes of broken families, teen prostitution, green energy, and of course, anger management challenged Olympic athletes and the mobsters who love them.    

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