Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The most exhausting writing session is never writing, not even re-writing, but performing the grammar and punctuation and plot and dialogue check.
Resuscitating Lucid for the purposes of self-publishing presents the "opportunity" to go over that manuscript yet again.  It does bear fruit.  Not mammoth alterations, but little 'stop the reader in her tracks' things that made it passed spellcheck get nabbed and altered.  Catching that I referred to a character's need for 'mediation' when I meant 'meditation' only proves that the complete suck of a time-investment can pay off.
Lucid is really long.  It isn't, but it is.  After alternating between slogging and sprinting through some 50 chapters in a day and a half the PW reviewer's take (...this very long teen thriller...) seems dead accurate.
I'm also chagrinned because after ballyhooing the 102,000 word version, turns out the 94,000 word edit not only proves leaner and meaner, but better overall.
What also seems cool and weird at the same time is to have a pre-publication listing on an actual verifiable big-timey retailer website for a book.  
Neat (because it's my book).  Intimidating (because I have a (self-imposed) deadline).  Depressing (because I am bacterium in an ocean choking on same as well as hosting all that actual majestic and established ocean life).

Lucid at Barnes & Noble.   


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