Monday, March 14, 2016

Sipe the Gourmand

“Ok.  Ok, “ said Sipe.  “Look at me.  Mr. Lowry, look at me.  I hear of anything happening to her, Hope’s friend? I will come back here.  I will cut off pieces of you.  I will cook them.  And I will eat them. And you will watch me eat you until there isn’t enough left of you to keep you alive.  Figure a couple pounds off you.  Maybe more.  And just so you know, so you can form a kind of loose timeframe, the duration of all of that, even before I start on you, I’ll take Bonnie’s baby, and I’ll cook it.  I seen your pans here, in your kitchen.  They’re big.  A baby would fit in a pan big as that.  I don’t know how long it takes to cook a baby on a burner.  I could Google it, sure, but that’s just hearsay, some random idiot’s estimation.  But we’d find out, how long it takes, you and me.  What it smells like.  What it sounds like.  A baby.  And maybe Mrs. Lowry, she can listen to it, too.” 

The Lipless Gods. Easily the best $.99 you'll ever spend.

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