Wednesday, April 27, 2016


“I saw on your blog that they put chips in some of the higher ups," I said.  "I mean for the Lucentologists.  That that was something you’d heard of them doing.”
Ruth shrugged. 
“Kip heard that," she said.  "One of the girls she was in the Becoming phase with told her that her Counselor had mentioned that.  How some of them, like the important ones, the important church members, someone like, I don’t know, a Jack Ford, had a chip implanted on them that was like a GPS kind of thing.  So if they went nuts, you know, off reservation, they could be found.  Or so if something silly like all of this happened, they could be tracked.  Or found.  I think, or at least Kip thought, the Counselor had been full of shit.  Like he was trying to impress the newbie.”
“Do you know where they’d put the chip?”
“You know, probably someplace easy to get to.  It’s not like they would crack open someone’s skull, you know,” she smiled and swiped hair from her eyes, “but probably most likely I would think, it’d be the shoulder.  Someplace like that.  Someplace easy to get to.”

Lucid cover sketch courtesy Jenny Dayton.

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