Monday, April 11, 2016

LUCID 5.8.16

The drawing taped to my locker was done in black ink on a sheet of notebook paper.  The fringe on the spine stood at sharp angles to the paper’s edge.  Chunks of fallen-off fringe lay scattered on the hallway carpet below my locker. 
In the drawing a UFO was abducting a cow.  The cow was levitating off the ground towards the UFO. The cow had udders.  The cow said, “Moo.” 
The UFO was the standard UFO disc shape, its command center encased by a transparent bulb. 
The UFO controls were under the direction of a man and woman.  They wore unitards.  Each unitard featured an uppercase ‘L’ on the chest. 
The man said, “Ok.  But remember this time I get to do the anal probe.”
The man grinned a semblance of Jack Ford’s worldwide famous grin.  The woman didn’t really resemble my sister, but who else would be flying a UFO with Jack other than Maddy McCall? 
Both of them had antennae.  Behind them stood an alien with a potato-shaped head and antennae.  The alien held a copy of Forward, the guidebook for practicing Lucentologists like Jack and Maddy.

Lucid cover sketch courtesy the devastatingly talented Jenny Dayton.

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