Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LUCID 5.8.16

House locked, backpack over my shoulder, I walked down the driveway to the gravel road.  Getting close I saw the sign resting at the woman’s feet and I got an inkling of what Dad had meant. 
The sign read ‘Kip Arnett Was Murdered’. 
Kip was one of the tens of thousands of hopeful actors and actresses who populate Los Angeles, looking for the break that catapults them from obscurity to the spotlight. 
She’d been found starved to death in a Hollywood apartment. She'd been battling a drug addiction, but more interesting was the fact she was a practicing member of Lucentology. 
The press spin on the tragedy was that instead of going through detox or getting herself to a rehab facility, Kip had tried to tough it out using Lucentology methods to make herself clean and pure.  According to the literature, Lucentology Centers were always available to help anyone – not just members – deal with addictions, but it could become costly.  Just because anyone was welcome didn’t mean it was free.   
Kip had appeared on one of the videos for The Program, the 12-disc series for people interested in becoming Lucentologists.  Just a quick appearance, but the press had used it as fodder for stories after her death.
The woman on the shoulder of the road was a cute, short blonde, almost a perfect copy of the relatively unknown comedienne who’d been found weighing all of 66 pounds, her face partially eaten away by a housecat.    


Lucid cover sketch courtesy the gloriously talented Jenny Dayton.

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