Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jenny Dayton = Awesome

Almost the finished version -- the author possessive needs nipping, but other than that, pretty much a heartbreakingly gorgeous image.  
Why Jenny Dayton isn't world famous and far beyond the reach of mere mortals like me is a question for the ages. 

The guy at The Book Designer listed The Lipless Gods in the best of March e-book covers. Which is nice. I guess.  
The incomprehensible failure to bow down to Jenny's prowess in comparison to her competition leaves me feeling miffed if not on the verge of violence, but given the fact this poor slob has to look at hundreds of e-book covers every month the erosion if not outright death of his aesthetic gauge is understandable...yet somehow absolutely unforgivable.

Part of me is concerned some cranky Scientologists might take issue with Lucid, and part of me would luxuriate in the attention...at least until they show up to hang me by my thumbs or tickle me or whatever it is they do to jerks they mistakenly presume are attacking their beliefs. 
And the novel isn't an attack.  I know fat little about Scientology.  It's a YA novel.  A mystery.  Bad things happening to good and not so good people. 
And maybe Jack Ford, the mega movie star character, does bears some resemblance to Tom Cruise, but I'll be damned if Jack isn't one of the most sympathetic characters in the book.  Plus, I've had personal contact with Cruise and can vouch for his being a nice guy (...if answering a phone at the Ixtlan front desk some 20 years ago and hearing "This is Tom Cruise for Oliver" qualifies as enough raw data for adequately gauging character).     

Lucid preview available at Smashwords. 

The Lipless Gods.  Free at Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo.

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