Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dragged By My Heels

By my (questionable) count, I've now hit 100 agent rejections on The Lipless Gods.  Lucid topped out between 100 and 120.  There are still 30+ potential happy endings out there, but at this point my hopes are not high.  They are reasonable.  And I do have bourbon, needs be.   

Thus ends the sob story portion of this update. 

The good news is TLG finally hit 50 downloads - on top of the 3 verified purchases.  I feel like a real author.  I'm looking forward to seeing a review - good or bad (and I still offer some sort of compensation for anyone reading this who actually threw down $$$ for TLG -- up to and including access to the infamous Sipe Christmas short story). 

I'm still perplexed about how to advertise Lucid's upcoming release.  No surprise since I haven't advertised TLG all too well outside of the Smashwords-Facebook-Twitter-Blogger echo chamber. 
I'm sure things will become obvious.  It only took 3 weeks of having TLG up on Smashwords before I realized there was a giant 'Create Widget' button on my TLG log-in page.  Der.  I blame my sister.  She dragged me by my heels everywhere until I was like 4.   

The Lipless Gods.  Free at Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo.

Or - if you're feeling like a Moneybags - only $.99 at Amazon.   

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