Saturday, April 16, 2016

LUCID 5.8.16

Most of what Principal Colan said slipped by me.  Dina and the three other security people plus the deputies were going to keep order.  Still...they hadn’t been able to keep order out at the house.  All those people had swarmed the school bus. 
I heard Principal Colan say “--her younger sister, Eaton High’s own Lucy McCall!” 
Applause broke out.  A few people called out my name.  One person hooted, probably Sherman. 
Principal Colan stepped away from the microphone and motioned it was now my turn. 
Distracted by everything else I’d forgotten my dread of this moment. 
I could barely speak in front of a classroom let alone a gym packed full of people.  My public speaking achievements consisted of re-enacting bits of scenes from Shakespeare for English class and staring at the carpet and occasionally at the prompts on my index cards in speech class.  The index cards always shook in my hand.  I always felt like I might faint.  Fainting in front of the entire Eaton School District would haunt me far longer than it would take the resulting bruise to heal. 
I cleared my throat.  I was taller than Principal Colan, or Jack, or Maddy.  I hunched down to be able to talk into the microphone.  If I tried to adjust it up high enough to my mouth I knew instead I’d only knock the entire stand off the podium and onto the gymnasium floor. 

Lucid cover sketch courtesy Jenny Dayton.

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