Friday, September 30, 2016

One Is Free! The Other Is Cheap! I Got A Review!

Now my only "get-it-for-free" widgets are for The Lipless Gods. Amazed I discovered a way to put in a widget that goes to Lucid, soon only available via Amazon, but a steal for all of $.99 and at some point in time - for free! again! -  if only for a handful of days.

Feel like a total schmuck that Lucid received a review.  

In July. 

Which I discovered only in late September.   

Even better, since I've never purchased anything on Amazon under my account, I can't thank the reader for the review.  I don't do promotion very well.   Obviously.

I have to "unpublish" Lucid from Smashwords.  Hoping I identified the correct masterfile so when I inevitably return Lucid to Smashwords I can upload with few or any problems. 

Exit The Skin Palace is undergoing the slow bubble of the second draft.  I inserted an entirely new villain character about 60% of the way through the story.  Like the previous manipulation of a character's gender, slipping the new baddie into the text proved odd in how it didn't break the book.  I think it's because the villain is a creepy, creepy little girl.  Who doesn't like a creepy little girl?  

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