Saturday, September 24, 2016

Exit The Skin Palace

Finally typed 'THE END'.  

The problem is getting your ending(s) in the right row.  I know I'll go back and tweak this and that and the other thing, but right now, I'm calling the first draft of Exit The Skin Palace done.  

Having gone through the rigamarole before, at this point, 'done' is the equivalent of pencil layouts for a comic book.  There's not even full pencils yet.  Or inking.  Or coloring.  Or lettering. So, so distant from stapling the spine I can't even begin to make that part of the process out on the horizon.

Still, the hard part is done.  Only the far harder parts are ahead.

Discovered I can read graphic novels again.  Given the word-enthusiasm is tilted towards production, ingesting them seems only viable if they're contained in word balloons.  I'll try and dilute the geek quotient with dipping a toe into books on refugees, Syria, and ISIS.  Balance is all.

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