Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Title Is Chosen. Let's See If It Sinks Or Swims!

If no news is good news, no blog update is what exactly?  I blog slightly more than I e-mail my family.  

I'm a social media boob.  Anyone visiting the Twitter account sees half-writing-related and half-oh-my-god-but-humans-mistreat-animals Tweets.  

Facebook -- other than being almost all oh-my-god-humans-mistreat-animals-links on my end -- seems a big 'I don't know what to make of it'. 

'Adults only' seems a spot-on analysis though not the 'adults only' that's exciting.  More the adults only that means the hip kids abandoned the sinking ship eons ago.  Probably at this point Zuckerberg's creation is about as relevant as LiveJournal right before the Russians assumed command and jammed that enterprise plum-full of advertising.  

The current work-in-progress is titled Exit The Skin Palace. Once the novel is done, the title will be pregnant with meaning. Assuming we get the novel written.  The way it stands, right now, creative juices bubbling on full-simmer, Enter The Skin Palace or even Re-Enter The Skin Palace make just about as much sense.  

We'll see.  Knock on wood.  

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