Saturday, August 6, 2016

In lieu of any better title...Tentacle Boy!

Wattpad reminds me of LiveJournal.  Posting to LJ was fun.  I don't know that writing at all is fun anymore, but I somehow squeezed out 1000-words today.  Maybe I can do it tomorrow, too.

Tentacle Boy is about as good of a title as I've got right now. It'll change.  The story is roughly sketched out in the manner I've always found fun-to-do (i.e., someone gives you $5000 to make a low budget movie; you script and shoot and scrimp to fit the budget).    

This is the third project I've poked at this year.  The other was a ghost story and the other was sci-fi. This one is sci-fi, too, but I don't know what the tone is yet.  I'm not Larry Niven.  I'm not smart enough to be Larry Niven. That much I can state as pure fact.  
Meanwhile, get your TLG and Lucid for FREE while you can.  

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