Sunday, August 21, 2016

Call It A Comeback. Or Zumwalt. Or Something.

Currently I'm poking at 2016's fourth or fifth idea waiting to take flight and transform into a novel.  

The one with the tentacled comic book artist failed to take flight. Ditto, the alien world lurking just below our world one. And RIP my third or fourth whack at a lurid crime story orbiting a failed comedian with the stage name 'Chuckles Lovakia' (but that one I'll come back to; the name is too stupid not to use).  

Years ago I had a web comic.  Just like everyone else.  It was called Zumwalt.  I drafted dozens of daily comics that never saw full inking / scanning / posting.  The characters always stayed in my noggin', waiting for me to do something useful with the concept.  

I know Zumwalt 2.0 will likely crash and burn, but it's still better than not being able to even think about writing which was how I spent all of 2014 (not to knock 2014; man, I read a lot).  


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