Monday, August 15, 2016


The books together have now been downloaded 301 times. Whoo hoo.  It seems like a lot to someone who hasn't had things available for download before.  Still haven't gotten reviews.  That - as always - concerns me.  Makes me think the situation remains Jenny's amazing art draws them in and then I put all that enthusiasm firmly on ice.  

Heck, if you started one of the books and stopped or were so disappointed you erased it from the e-reader/phone/what-have-you, I'd like to know.  

99.9% of literary agents - mostly due to time issues - just use the argument that liking and not liking books is a "subjective" matter without telling writers why the corpse is a corpse and why it stinks as bad as it stinks.  If I failed as a writer I want to know why and in as much detail as possible so I can do better.  

Regardless of all that, both books will remain FREE for download until a point soon to be announced.  

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