Saturday, August 13, 2016

Almost 300

That Tentacle Boy thing sure didn't last very long.  Maybe I'll get back to it.  Lost track of how many times I've started writing before finishing a plot.  That particular road always ends the same place.

Now I'm furiously re-plotting a story I've tried to re-plot before. It involves a character with a stage name of 'Chuckles Lovakia'. Cleverness of that sort happily doesn't extend much more into the novel.  

Between TLG and Lucid, almost at 300 downloads.  For a time, I was convinced I'd hit that number before Ichiro cleared 3000. He slowed down, and then downloads slowed way down.  Still waiting on SELF-e to take the books down from SPL and KCLS so I can start selling only through Kindle.  

Not sure how long that experiment will last, but I just want to see what - if anything - it does.  

The novels won't sell for more than $.99.  That's what they sell for on Amazon right now anyways, but without the added exposure come whole cloth with exclusivity.   

So for now they're free.  After that, they'll still be cheap.  

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