Saturday, May 13, 2017


From today --

"No.  No Ambers.  Not a single one.  I always liked that name though.  Amber.  It's like the thing, the Jurassic Park thing.  The bug trapped in amber and hundreds of millions of years later, they can extract DNA.  I like that.  I'd like to be caught in amber, man.  Rest up for a million or so years.  Wake me up and let me loose in a better world.  Who wouldn't like that?  All I got going on right now are Little Debbie snacks and single serve pizzas.  And smokes, but I gotta cut down.  The drugs Wallace gets me take me down awful quick.  I don't want to be a self-immolation statistic.  Speaking of which.  I got to unpack some of my shit unless Wallace did it for me.  I mean, if you guys want, I can zap you pizzas.  The Bacon Robber has this barbecue sauce.  It's tangy.  And I got some pale ale if you want.  Some people don't take to the aftertaste, but it's awful good going down.  It sings and zwings right on up into my eyebrows.  It dwindles the weight of the oppression.  That type of...hard to find escape from a harsh assed world."

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