Friday, April 7, 2017


From today...

One of Cudney's pals on the west coast circuit had claimed running into Dana Plato, Different Strokes Dana Plato, in circumstances most foul. Cudney shied on believing the anecdote because normally Earl's lady anecdotes degraded into sexual shenanigans.  This one involved just seeing her somewhere in the southwest years ago, working some piss poor gift shop job.  Earl didn't call her out, make her feel bad because she'd been here and now she was here.  The worst, according to Earl, was how nice she was to people buying knickknacks, roadside shit.  You know, actresses?, maybe it came natural, performance is performance.  The one hesitancy point on the story was Earl saying later the same day he hooked up with the mom of a girl he'd dated for some time back in high school.  The whole time he was with Shauna's mom, bumping uglies, abusing uglies, yeah, sure, he was thinking of gift shop Dana.     

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