Monday, April 10, 2017


From today...

Right around the time Helga had divorced him, tears had turned a corner.  Turned from something to soothe to outright poison.  The first time he was aware of the turn tears were streaming down the face of the hottest freshman girl in his Intro to English class, the poor young thing upset that she'd gotten a 'D' on a midterm and her scholarship might be in jeopardy, and that transfer to UW might fall apart and so would the courting and marriage to some fine young asshole she hadn't even met yet.  Holland had to fight his instinct which was to grab such a sad salt-licked creature by the shoulders and shake the holy bejeezus out of her until one of them had passed out, Holland likely from close witnessing heaven sent seismic activity, the unregulated boombaba of her considerably well-proportioned sweater bunnies. 

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