Saturday, October 8, 2016

There's So

Twice in under two weeks I've committed the same crime.  

First, in the manuscript for Exit The Skin Palace, I typed the following:

"Dawn.  There's so many dead things here.  Right here."

Word for Mac 2011 failed to highlight the horror.

Second, on my website, on the fetus-stage Exit page, I typed:

I'd call it a YA supernatural novel, but at this point there's so many four-letter words in the manuscript maybe I should think of it as a Teen supernatural novel.  

Speaking of four-letter words, I aired several when it finally dawned on me that my apparent new go-to phrase 'there's so' is not only hideous, but that in at least the latter instance I signed my name to a crime the grammar police should forward to the proper prosecuting authority.   

There's so = There is so.  There is so = LOLcat.  

An inability to write/type/edit worth a darn throws a woeful spotlight.  I am tainted.  Perhaps permanently.

Even worse, my two biggest Internet crushes are on David Foster Wallace YouTube interviews and any Merriam-Webster's Ask The Editor video featuring Emily Brewster.    

I don't think either superstar grammarian would think highly of a would-be novelist incapable of taking the time to sound out sentences before committing them to the (digital/any) page.  

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