Monday, October 31, 2016

Dead Milkmen

Sorting through boxes of papers has provided me a doodle. I already put the paper back in a box so my guess from the college ruled aspect is this margin sketch was produced during some class. 

The Teen horror novel I've been tinkering with sprung from an old notebook.  A page and a half of notes scribbled down sometime before I even met my wife.  

From the drawing above I've scoped out three character names and three character designs, a bare bones scenario, and hatched a notion for a series of short books with illustrations.  

Some sort of creepy, supernatural-themed detective agency is what I'm currently thinking.  Our slouching, pimp hat bedecked dude from up top is named Rothchild. Of course, having the idea is always exciting. Surviving the execution is the trick.

Currently, Lucid is in two-day Kindle FREE promotion mode, and the book is listed on Awesomegang's front page.

In celebration, I've even foolishly unearthed the Publishers Weekly review.    

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