Monday, May 9, 2016

It's v. Its v. Me

The first message sent to me from the website is a nice enough missive from a copyeditor pointing out mistakes from the first Chapter or so of Lucid. 
And so the stumbling continues unabated.
After paying for the website and the cover art, tasking a copyeditor/proofreader didn't enter the equation.  Maybe it should, but I only have 'x'-amount to conceivably hand over to folks, qualified though they may be.
The last time I hired a copyeditor/proofreader (on Lucid even) she waffled and ultimately flaked out on me.  Given that experience, I just kind of rolled up the sleeves and looked at the MS over and over and trusted my brain and Word to tell me good from bad.
Sigh.  Grammar.  Words.  Usage and all.  Its...It is perhaps indicative of my likely prospects at this indie/self-published endeavor.    

Lucid now available at Smashwords. I'm running a special...Find the mistakes and I'll give you something nice.  Maybe two things nice. 

And don't forget The Lipless Gods.  Still officially turned down by 100+ literary agents (and counting). Free at Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo.

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