Thursday, May 19, 2016


Not much to update other than it feels like I'm rocking writer's block like no one else ever has. 
Trying to advertise either book while they remain more or less free - except on Amazon - smacks of insanity.  There are a plethora of options for advertising your work...though the difference between pay services like Awesomegang and any Facebook 'I've-Got-An-Ebook-If-You've-Got-The-Time' group seem imperceptible. 
Selling oneself.  Self-promotion.  Yep.  Not to bitch about it, but introversion is sometimes not an incentives laden enterprise. 


Lucid - now available at Smashwords. 

The Lipless Gods.  Still officially turned down by 100+ literary agents (and counting).  Free at Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo.  And available through both the Seattle Public Library and King County Library System!    

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