Sunday, June 11, 2017

To Quote The Young Peter Billingsley, "Son Of A Bitch."

Since I'm human, I depend on Word to let me know when I've committed a crime.

To back up Word, I've invested in Grammarly.

Layers of protection.

To quote Rorschach, "Hurm."

The following sentence has existed in the working "master" draft of Exit The Skin Palace for months now.

Although the did get me a gift certificate to Wedgewood Comics.

Obviously, that "the" should be "they."

I didn't see it.  My manuscript reader didn't see it.

That's one thing.  

Word turned a blind eye.

My bright new trusted toy Grammarly turned a blind eye.

Even better, eliminating "Although" doesn't make the problem apparent to either bundle of software grammatical correctness.

The did get me a gift certificate to Wedgewood Comics.  

That flies.  That's legit for mass consumption.  That's a bunch of other things.  

My wonderful 67,000-word bundle of joy now looms brittle, littered with excretion neither my brain nor software can see until too, too late.

At least now I'll totally understand why the first dozen agents passed on the pitch.

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