Sunday, March 26, 2017


From the efforts of the day...

(For the sake of clarity, the character mentioned below - Holland - is a former sci-fi writer.  He produced a kind of sleazy, erotic sci-fi series before the publishing world changed on him.)

Some wet-behind the ears type in New York had advised Holland to use the C.S. Lewis Narnia series as a model for what the new publisher would like to offer the chain stores.  Bristling at the directive, Holland took a cast of attractive clean-cut teens and ran them through his own personal wood chipper.  One creation, a straight A-student and athletic wonder was saddled with a panty sniffing fetish; the greener the skidmark the better.  Another suffered acne, bubble gum sized abscesses bubbling an amber drip non-stop.  Yet another had been molested by no less than a half-dozen foster parents, and lastly, there was the witness to her father shooting her mother dead before blowing his own head off on no less significant a date than the girl's very birthday. Not only did daddy's brains splatter the cake and the party clown, but grey matter slopped onto her face and dribbled down into the space between her budding pre-adolescent breasts.   

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